We have clients who max out Excel but see solutions like Access, SAP and Oracle BI too complex for their everyday tasks. Databases and customized applications are created but abandoned when the main person who uses them moves to another role. 

With this in mind we began to explore Business Intelligence tools that could help streamline workflow and provide support to businesses seeking the best insights.

But getting there is a challenge.

Lots of New Applications, Languages and Scripts pass through the market place ALL promising to help you use your Big Data efficiently.

And you need to find out what that all means and which tools work best for you.

Over the years we have worked with organizations who were using Lean Six Sigma, or other Process Improvement Tools and Techniques and as a result saw improved Customer satisfaction. So, at The Business Channels we immediately saw how these tools filled the gap in implementing the best solutions to transform your business to an Insight Driven Organization...that Delivers.


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